This web site here presented was created in order to make ω9α materials accessible to aspirants, initiates, academics, or just those curious, in their native languages. This web site is still a work in progress and will be for a long, long time, as ω9α slowly spreads around the Globe, inspiring new initiates to make their own translations of core MSS of the Order. One may wonder is this really necessary, having in mind that more and more people are becoming akin to usage of this language (English) of Magian Empire. But reading MSS in English and in one’s native language produces somehow very different effect on the psyche of an Initiate. By reading MSS of the Order in one’s own mother tongue, one becomes way more intimate with ideas and concepts presented in such a manner.

All interested to contribute to this project are welcome to send their translated materials at:


Spread the Word: New Aeon is Dawning!

Agios O Vindex!


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