26.11.2015. – O9A International is very pleased to announce that, finally, we are able to add section in German thanks to associates based in EU. The first translated MS in this section is the one we deem as highly essential – “The Gentleman’s – and Noble Ladies – Brief Guide to The Dark Arts”

27.03.2015. – Another important translation added to French section – Hysteron Proteron.

17.02.2015 . -Two important translations of Eira and Exeat added to French section .

17.06.2014. – New page started: Mysterivm Slovakian

13.04.2014. – Thanks to selfless efforts of our associate, French section is now bigger for few more very important articles.

20.03.2014 – Two very important items added: Eira – Satanic Guide to Future Magick in Brazilian section, and Alchemical Seasons and The Fluxions of Time in French section.

18.03.2014Romanian section of o9a international added

12.03.2014 – Great amount of core MSS translated into Portuguese added to pdf page of Brazilian section

08.03.2014French section of o9a international site added, thanks to contributions of our France based associate.


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